Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend – Try a Custom Map

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We get it. Finding thoughtful, original gifts for your significant other seems to get harder and harder. But don’t despair. If you’re looking for a romantic birthday gift for your girlfriend (or wife!), we think we’ve got the perfect answer.

The spirit of romance might be eternal, but people’s ideas about romantic gifts evolve over time – these days they don’t always come in pink, and they aren’t limited to chocolates and roses. Simple ideas can work great, but you need to show a bit of imagination too.

Birthday Gifts for Her – Map Posters from Grafomap

The most romantic birthday gifts are ones that tell a personal story. So why not immortalize your real-life fairytale in print – by creating a unique personalized map for your girlfriend! Let’s explore what custom maps are and why they make perfect romantic birthday gifts…

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend – Try a Custom Map

Use a Custom Map to Celebrate Your Relationship

If your girlfriend is someone who remembers all the places you’ve been and all the moments you’ve shared – anniversaries, relationship milestones and more – then a personalized map is the perfect birthday gift. These aren’t the same old regular maps. Custom maps reflect the deep bonds we can feel with certain places – the places where romance has blossomed!

Personalized maps are unique items, and they pay tribute to one special place on earth which means something to both of you. It can be a country, a city, a neighborhood, even a street.

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend – Try a Custom Map

These days many printing services sell their custom maps online, not on the high street. And Grafomap is one of them! Creating a personalized design at our site takes just a few minutes – just select the place that evokes those happy memories, then choose your print layout. A few days later you’ll be ready to surprise your girlfriend with a unique personalized gift!

Full instructions for creating a romantic birthday gift for your girlfriend or wife are provided below!

1. Choose Your Location

Creating a custom map for your girlfriend couldn’t be more straightforward – simply enter your special location into the relevant field on our main page. Stuck for ideas? Popular choices are the neighborhood where you shared your first apartment, the street where you met, or the place you spent your honeymoon.

Then press the “CREATE YOUR POSTER” button on the right. You’ll be taken straight to the print design page, where you can customize your map. You can drag your map and zoom in/out until you’ve got the precise location and scale that you want.

2. Customize Your Design

You can customize the look of your map, not just the content. At Grafomap we offer no fewer than 11 designs, all with different color schemes and fonts. You can create your personalized map in strikingly vibrant colors or go for a classic black-and-white print – just go by your girlfriend’s taste and/or your home decor scheme.

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend – Try a Custom Map

The Labels & Markers section lets you choose the text included in your map. There are three lines of text available – title, subtitle and tagline. You can use the default text options – your chosen location, the country, and the map reference – or change them manually to whatever you like. Why not use your names, your birthdates, or the lyrics to the first dance song at your wedding?

Any of the fields can be left blank. You can also remove all the text by clicking the button provided in this section – then your print will show the map detail and nothing else.

3. Choose Your Print Type

Is your girlfriend in love with all things vintage or does she favor stripped-back contemporary design? You can customize a Grafomap print to suit any taste – just pick the print type that’s perfect for your better half.

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend – Try a Custom Map

You can get your custom map printed on paper, canvas or metal. And there are several framing and hanging options available – we offer gallery-style framing for our paper maps, or a simple but ingenious hanging system for our prints on canvas.

Looking for Cute Birthday Gifts for Girls? Here It Is!

Well, now that you’ve heard about Grafomap, we hope you’ll agree that romantic gifts can be about so much more than flowers (though giving her a beautiful bouquet along with your map certainly couldn’t hurt). The best gift for your girlfriend is always the one that shows maximum thought – and maximum feeling. And a unique personalized map is the best way to show you’re committed to this relationship!

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