Minimalist Apartment Decor Ideas to Lift Your Mood

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Are you looking for minimalist apartment decor ideas? This guide will help you redesign your home to make it less crowded and more functional.

Choosing minimalist apartment calls for a bit of thought.

Less is more, right? Well, in principle...

Decorating to achieve that minimalist look involves a bit more than just throwing out stuff you don’t need, painting your walls white, and stripping everything down to the bare minimum.

This can be achieved by using clever furnishings and other home decor choices. Choices such as Grafomap’s personalized map wall art posters.

In this article you’ll learn what makes Grafomap personalized map posters the best fit for a stripped-back, Pinterest-friendly minimalist living space.

The Perfect Minimalist Decor for Your Apartment – Grafomap Poster

So what makes our map posters such a good choice for lovers of minimalism? First of all, wall art prints from Grafomap are essentially minimalist artworks in themselves.

Minimalist Apartment Decor Ideas to Lift Your Mood

Each Grafomap design (there are 12 in total) offers a unique visual take on whichever geographical location you enter into our system..

What you get is a highly stylized aerial view of any town, city, or country in the world. The location is completely up to you.

And you have the whole globe to choose from, as Grafomap has access to the cartographical data for more or less anywhere on earth.

The 12 designs available on the Grafomap website include White, Nautical, Neon, and more. The Retro or Dark designs will be particularly well suited to minimalist decor.

Map Posters – A Welcome Addition in Any Minimalist Apartment!

Now you’ve had an insight into the designs available, let’s look into what makes personalized map wall art such a natural addition to any minimalist apartment.

Minimalist Apartment Decor Ideas to Lift Your Mood

What sets minimalist interior design philosophies apart is that they rely heavily on conceptualization and reductionism, conveying big ideas with the minimum physical presence.

And personalized map prints from Grafomap take the same approach. Our maps are meant to convey beautiful, profound messages in a simple yet visually effective way.

A personalized map that tells the story of an important stage in your life, using just a location and a couple of brief sentences? That’s quite an achievement.

Grafomap gives you the freedom to get creative – and the result is a wall art piece of exquisite taste.

Minimalist Apartment Decor Ideas to Lift Your Mood

You can choose between 6 different size formats. Whichever you go for, Grafomap posters have a universal appeal that means they’ll suit almost any interior decor scheme. But they’re particularly well suited to minimalist spaces.

Make sure you try creating your own Grafomap poster. Combine a few different locations and design templates, and you’re sure to hit upon a truly striking design in no time!

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