Memorable Master’s Degree Gifts – Choose a Custom Map to Celebrate Graduation

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A master’s degree gift should bring the personal touch – so getting a sweatshirt with the college logo simply isn’t an option.

Getting to college is a challenge in itself. Graduation is the achievement of a lifetime. And as for a master’s degree, well, that’s a standard of education that only a small minority of people reach.

So if one of your friends or family members is about to graduate from their master’s course, you might be thinking about a gift that does justice to this rare achievement.

We suggest choosing a gift with something extra. A personalized map will be a fitting tribute to your loved one’s graduation achievement – and it can be used as a unique piece of wall decor too!

What is a Custom Map?

Memorable Master’s Degree Gifts – Choose a Custom Map to Celebrate Graduation

A custom map is a map of a chosen location (this could be of a country, a city, a neighborhood or even a street) that can be personalized by the buyer.

Custom maps from Grafomap give you a choice of 12 color schemes, all with different print layouts and lettering styles.

Note that our custom maps are created using geographical information from a trusted database, meaning your Grafomap personalized map will be as reliable and precise as any professional map.

Why Choose a Custom Map as a Master’s Degree Gift?

Memorable Master’s Degree Gifts – Choose a Custom Map to Celebrate Graduation

A custom map will serve as a lasting reminder of your loved one’s college town – or, if preferred, their hometown or any other special place that’s close to their heart. And it makes a stylish home design element at the same time.

The new graduate could even hang their personalized map on the wall next to their master’s diploma, either at home or – if they’ve graduated in, say, law or medicine – when they want to display their qualifications in the workplace.

You can write a special dedication to your loved one and it will be included on the print. Our system includes the location’s name on the map by default – you can include this or your own dedication, or neither, or both!

Another reason to choose a personalized map as a master’s degree gift is the unmatched versatility of these prints. Thanks to clean colors and simple lines they easily blend into a wide range of decor schemes and they can look great in any room. And if your graduating friend or family member is going to move to another city or maybe even country, they’ll be able to take the map with them to decorate their new home and cherish the memories of their postgraduate years!

Some Last Details about Custom Maps

Memorable Master’s Degree Gifts – Choose a Custom Map to Celebrate Graduation

Our personalized maps are available with an optional decor frame in a choice of five designs. With their classic, understated look, our frames will enhance your map beautifully.

Whether you choose a frame or not, you’ll need something to hang up your custom map. The best and simplest way to get your map on the wall is to use our hanging kit – just add it to your cart during the map customization process.

With so many design options available, it’s very easy to create a unique custom map that will win the heart of the graduate in your life. A personalized map is a touching, original master’s degree gift for any proud scholar.

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