Looking for Funny Maps as Wall Decor? We Have Something Even Better!

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Funny maps are winning thousands of likes and shares on social media – and sometimes they give you a proper insight into how the world functions. They’re so popular that you might even decide to decorate your room with one or two hilarious prints that “map out” stereotypes or showcase fun statistics. But will funny maps make good home decor?

An Alternative to Funny Maps

We advise thinking twice before hanging a funny map in your home, especially if this will require some drilling and hammering. Think carefully about whether you really want to see that “USA according to Europeans” or “Europe according to Germans” map before your eyes every day, for years and years. What looks great online may be out of place in the living room!

Looking for Funny Maps as Wall Decor? We Have Something Even Better!

If you’re passionate about maps, consider going for more elegant and versatile map types that can blend seamlessly into any interior. We’re talking about custom maps – personalized home decorations that make a statement and add a touch of elegance to the room. Let’s explore what makes them so special!

What Do Funny Maps and Custom Maps Have in Common?

Looking for Funny Maps as Wall Decor? We Have Something Even Better!

Just like funny maps, custom maps are full of character – these vibrant and jazzy prints are worlds apart from the regular school maps used for geography classes etc. Hang a custom map on the wall and you’ll never catch yourself staring at a blank space again!

What Makes Custom Maps Stand Out?

Looking for Funny Maps as Wall Decor? We Have Something Even Better!

The funny maps you see on the internet are usually designed by a whole team of specialists in digital art. By contrast, custom maps can be entirely your own creation – for example, at Grafomap you can choose the print area, design scheme and captions that you want, and also select the most suitable printing medium (we offer 11 designs and 5 printing materials in total). Thanks to this fully customizable approach, you can design custom maps to suit a wide range of interiors, tastes and budgets.

Personalized maps are meant to serve as interior decor elements, while funny maps are usually just amusing pictures that you can share online. A custom map won't get on your nerves with garish colors and tacky captions – it’s a refined home decoration that will bring joy to your household for years to come!

How to Turn Custom Maps into Funny Maps

The best thing about custom maps is that you can personalize them any way you want – and creating a custom funny map at Grafomap is a matter of a few clicks of your mouse.

Looking for Funny Maps as Wall Decor? We Have Something Even Better!

Think about a time and place when you did something silly, select the print area in our map creator and think up a witty caption. That’s it – you’ve created your first funny map, one that will remind you of those crazy times every time you look at it.

Design personalized maps for yourself or use them as gifts for birthdays, housewarmings and bachelor parties – these unique custom prints are bound to draw everyone’s attention!

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