Bereavement Gifts for a Grieving Friend – 3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2022-08-05

When a close friend suffers the loss of a loved one, you want to offer something to ease the pain, express your condolences and help the memories live on. Giving bereavement gifts is a great way of doing this.

Of course, on such occasions sensitivity is paramount. The goal should be to ease the pain of loss and bring comfort.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a few thoughtful bereavement gifts which you can give to a friend who’s lost a loved one. These present ideas will help you show that you care without having to put it in words.

1. Bereavement Gifts – A Grafomap Custom Map

A custom-made Grafomap poster is a great way to honor your friend’s memories of his or her loved one. You can create a map centered on any location you choose.

Bereavement Gifts for a Grieving Friend - Personalized Map

This could be a place your friend studied with their loved one, a place they grew up together or even shared a holiday. At you can also add a few thoughtful words to the print – for example, a message of consolation, a line of poetry or simply the deceased person’s name.

2. An Everlasting flower bouquet

Flowers can be a touching gift for a friend who’s grieving. However, in this delicate context flowers can be seen as all too perishable, and liable to bring up uncomfortable associations.

Bereavement Gifts for a Grieving Friend - Everlasting Flowers

A great way to avoid this issue is to buy an everlasting flower bouquet – imitation flowers made from alternative materials. This everlasting flower bouquet is a beautiful example, with the realistic petals made from thin sheets of wood.

3. Leather notebook.

A notebook is a sensitive gift choice after a bereavement, one that could even go some way to easing your friend’s pain.

Bereavement Gifts for a Grieving Friend - Leather Notebook

A loss comes with so many unspoken feelings – and a notebook can be helpful at this difficult time, giving your friend a chance to write down their thoughts and channel their emotions. Alternatively, your friend could use the notebook to create a scrapbook diary of memories. Restrained design and sober colors are recommended.

Combine Different Bereavement Gifts

Bereavement Gifts for a Grieving Friend - Custom Map

These gifts – a custom map, an everlasting bouquet, and a notebook – can be given as stand-alone gifts, but they also make a touching bereavement gift package. Your friend could use them to create a special memory corner at home – for example, a custom map can be hung on the wall and the flower bouquet and notebook can be placed nearby on a small table or shelf.

Final Word

When we meet grieving friends many of us worry that we’ll say the wrong thing. A bereavement gift can show the depth of your concern even if you can’t always find the right words. There’s only so much you can do to relieve another person’s grief, but anyone’s journey becomes a little bit easier if they know that they have friends in their life who care about them.

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