40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

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Looking for exciting and creative 40th wedding anniversary sift ideas? How about this cute homage to your whole love story so far?

The day of your marriage is one of the most significant moments in anyone’s life. Those happy memories are a reminder of how important love truly is. Most of us celebrate our wedding day each year, with a little celebration or by surprising our partner with a small present.

The purpose of this article is to give you the best wedding anniversary gift ideas. More specifically, we’ll present our carefully selected anniversary gift ideas for couples that have been married for a whopping 40 years!

Looking for exciting and creative 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas? Your partner will certainly love what we have in store! Ready to get started? Let’s dig in.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our top pick and one that’s guaranteed to be appreciated is a custom-made Grafomap print. The idea is simple: you can select any location and get it printed on a wall art print that’s customized in the style you choose. You can think about the couple’s history together and choose a location that will be the most meaningful to them. Where did they meet? Where did they go on honeymoon?

The Best Grafomap Design for 40th Wedding Anniversary

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples. Woman hanging a custom map poster.

Our personalized maps can be styled in different ways (check out our Instagram and see for yourself – every map that we produce has its own character and can be adapted to a specific interior design scheme and individual taste).

But how do you choose a Grafomap design for a 40th wedding anniversary? Below, our printing experts reveal some great tips for creating a custom map for a 40th wedding anniversary that’s really got the wow factor!

Choose the Right Location

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples. Custom map displayed on a table.

Any map represents a selected place, and even maps that are designed as decor objects retain this link. So for decorative maps such as Grafomap, choosing the right location is just as important – as a beautifully designed print will naturally draw attention and spark conversations, so it’s essential to make the print meaningful.

One great location idea for a map symbolizing a couple’s life together is something related to the wedding ceremony. You can also select the location of their honeymoon or their first home as a couple – the most important thing is to choose a place that has a special meaning for the couple.

Select the Map’s Design Scheme

40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples. Personalized map print displayed on a cabinet.

At Grafomap, we have no fewer than 12 design schemes for our maps, available in black-and-white, pastel shades, or vibrant ‘80s-inspired colors. The schemes differ not only in color palette but also in overall design – we use various fonts and other elements that make every Grafomap print truly unique.

You’ll need to think about the couple’s taste and the interior style of their home to design a print that can be displayed proudly above the couch or bed. A black-and-white print designed and framed gallery-style is a surefire winner – after all, anyone who’s celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary is likely to prefer something classical for their home decor!

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