Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas – Custom Maps

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We all know how stressful gift hunting can be, especially if you’re searching for an important gift for your friends’ wedding or anniversary. Ready-made gifts, whether from online stores or the high street, often lack the personal touch, and that’s why many people prefer personalized gifts with a symbolic meaning. One great example would be coordinates gifts.

Coordinates gifts come in various shapes and sizes – these days you can get coordinates jewelry, glassware, home textiles and more. But getting someone a ring or a bracelet can be risky if you aren’t completely sure about their taste. It’s better to play it safe and choose a gift that will blend in almost anywhere. And we’ve got the perfect idea – custom maps with printed coordinates.

These custom prints make perfect gifts for any important occasion – they’re stylish, original and bursting with personality. So let’s have a closer look at the different custom map options available at Grafomap!

Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas – Unique Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas – Custom Maps

Why Choose Custom Coordinates Prints?

People have a sentimental attachment to places they’ve lived or even just spent time. We cherish the memories of our parents’ home, of the years spent in student accommodation, of our first apartment, even our favorite cafe – the list goes on.

Now you can take that bond to the next level by printing and framing the coordinates of that special place – as part of a unique map of the area.

The Perfect Recipe for a Custom Map

At Grafomap, you can print a map of almost any place on Earth – a country, a city, even a specific neighborhood. Simply enter your chosen location, zoom in or out to set the boundaries of your map, then make a few easy customization choices: choose the color palette, any text you want to include, and – last but not least – the material your map will be printed on.

Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas – Custom Maps

Custom Maps as Paper Posters

Photo paper is one of the most popular printing mediums for personalized maps. The resulting lightweight print can easily be hung on the wall with adhesive putty or double-sided tape. Paper posters can also be bought framed.

The composition of the framed Grafomap print is modelled on the pictures exhibited in professional galleries – the print is accentuated by white matting and protected by a hand-polished Plexiglas cover.

Custom Maps as Canvas Prints

Looking for a more substantial printing medium? How about a canvas print that comes pre-stretched over an inner frame – the sturdy wooden stretcher frame will ensure that your map has a pleasing physicality that will make it the center of attention in any room.

Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas – Custom Maps

Note that we also offer personalized maps printed on canvas hangers. The map is printed on a flat piece of canvas fabric that’s suspended between two wooden blocks.

Custom Maps as Metal Prints

If you’re looking for a custom print with a head-turning design, go for metal prints. Your map will be printed on a metal composite panel with rounded polished edges and a matte finish. You can hang this print on the wall or simply lean it against any vertical surface – either way, it’s sure to look great.

When to Choose Custom Coordinates Prints as Gifts

Do you know someone working or studying abroad? A friend living far away from their family? A custom coordinates print could be the perfect gift. It will be a touching reminder of back home and the people waiting for them.

Personalized Coordinates Gift Ideas – Custom Maps​​

Thanks to the numerous custom design options at Grafomap, you can be sure these will be no ordinary gifts. Every print is special because it represents a location with an important place in someone’s heart. What’s more, each print is a complete one-off – designed and printed especially for you.

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